Prophecy of Damnation

'Ah bloody hates forests' : Ambush at Grunewald

Day 8

*Journey to Grunewald Lodge
*Stopover in village of Pfeifeldorf
*Enter Reikwald forest
*Aedaris spies shadowy figures in the depths of the forest. They appear to be following the party.
*Nak complains about ‘bloody forests’ and insults are exchanged between him and Aedaris.
*As Grunewald Lodge comes into view, a large group of beastmen, led by the ferocious Graktar, ambush the party
*Aedaris kills a score of the beasts with his whirling blades before ‘accidentally’ hitting Nak in the back with a throwing knife
*Graktar smashes headfirst into one of the wagons, badly injuring Johann. The wizard responds by hurling crackling energy into the mass of beasts, setting their hides alight
*Jakob shouts words of encouragement to the men as he shoots his pistol from atop his steed
*Vern shouts to the guards on the Lodge walls for assistance. They are seemingly dull-witted and slow to react. Their inaccurate crossbow fire does however slay one of the beasts.
*Bosse becomes separated from the wagons in the press of combat. Although sustaining multiple wounds he manages to hack the limbs from several Gors. His triumph is short lived though, for he is struck in the leg by a stray crossbow bolt
*Nak jumps from the damaged cart and engages Graktar in a bitter and ferocious fight. Graktar almost succeeds in disemboweling the armoured dwarf with his iron tipped horns, lifting the dwarf off the ground and pinning him to the side of the wagon. But the dwarf takes advantage of his elevated position, and with a series of savage headbutts cracks the beastman’s skull open.
*with Graktar dead, the beastmen flee and slink into the shadowy forest
*the Lodge gate is finally opened and the wagons are driven hastily to safety



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