Prophecy of Damnation

'Should have chosen the Goose' : Grunewald Lodge

Days 9 and 10


Meet Lord Aschaffenberg. Someone watches from upstairs window.
Household staff appear tired and lethargic.
Introduced to Piersson the butler who helps Berg to the makeshift infirmary.
Piersson was also injured in previous beastman attack and has a bandaged face and hand.
Lord Aschaffenberg speaks to the party in private and asks them to investigate why the staff are lethargic. He invites them to the evening banquet and heartily recommends the beef. Vern Hendrick caught eavesdropping at door. Jakob heads to the library to look for the tomes sought by Lord von Walder.
Aedaris returns to the stables and gambles with the coachmen. Learns that their blunderbuss has been stolen. One of the coachmen is very hostile, the other is friendly but has sustained a smashed knee in the previous beastman assault. The stableboy just wants to sleep all the time, and is making a poor job of washing the Lord’s coach.
Nak examines the now disused forge. Finds an empty wooden case that used to contain a warhammer of some kind, but the box has been forced open and is now empty.
Berg treated by doktor. Mad dwarf, Korden, and several critically injured guards being treated in infirmary. The infirmary reeks of a pungent vegetative smell. Aedaris and Nak sneak into the doktors room. They find nothing out of the ordinary but note that the odd smell of vegetatiom is very strong within the room. Blind priestess warns Bosse that treachery is afoot. Is overheard by the gardener, a simple lad.
Johann witmesses a servant dropping a note that read ‘Goose is good’. He then proceeded to examine the parlour. Has sinister and cold atmosphere. Discovers eldritch, daemonic painting obscured by curtain on wall. The evil image of a daemonic eye sears his brain and erodes his sanity somewhat. He shrieks with fright and lashes out at the painting with magical energy, knocking it to the floor. His shouts bring others running, and Bosse hacks frenziedly at the painting but it remains unscathed. Gathering his wits, Johann flings the curtain over the image, obscuring it from view. Everyone is shocked at the discovery, especially Lord Aschaffenberg. Piersson turns pale with fear. Johann places a magic alarm around the painting and the parlour is put under guard. Piersson offers to summon the witch hunters at first light as they will know how to dispose of the painting.
Meanwhile, Nak investigates a series of sheds from which loud barking can be heard. Several large Tilean hunting dogs are chained in one shed. Nak enters a small room that serves as lodging for the master of the hunt. He makes a grisly discovery in a cupboard, the flayed corpse of a beastman. At that moment the hunt master, Olver Gand, returns and isn’t pleased to find Nak rifling through his personal effects. After a heated exchange of words, a fight breaks out. The dwarf smashes the hulking man in the face with his shield, turning his nose into a pulpy mess. Gand lashes out with a huge fist, connecting with Naks jaw and relieving him several teeth. They punch and grapple one another, but neither can gain an advantage. Sensing the stalemate, they settle for a truce and are soon sharing strong liquor and tales of soldiering. Gand is uneasy about going-ons at the Lodge, and has noticed that his dogs have begun to bark ferociously whenever Piersson or the Doktor are around.
*Dinner is served
*Beef is drugged – eaten by Johann and Nak
*Gand’s hounds begin howling during the meal. He excuses himself and leaves.
*Those who ate the beef fall unconscious
*Aedaris finishes gambling with guards. Goes to investigate hounds barking
*sees Gand crouched over the dead body of the blind priestess. He then leads one of his hounds to the rear of the lodge.
*Aedaris enters now quiet dining hall. As he does so he startles someone who exits to the kitchen
*awakens johann and Nak and discovers Vern Hendrick murdered in his own pudding
*Nak heads to the chapel while the others check the lodge
*the drugged Jakob has barricaded himself and lord Aschaffenberg in one room. Fires pistol through door at Aedaris.
*Berg awakens in infirmary with doctor about to slit his throat. Berg grapples with the man, eventually managing to break his neck, but being stabbed in the process. Falls unconscious.
*berg left for dead by johann and Aedaris.
*Nak finds Korden’s dwarven hammer hidden in chapel
*guttural horns sound in the forest as the beastmen assault the lodge
*Nak rushes to the walls to help guards
*Aedaris and johann attacked by cook in kitchen. Johann blinds her with goose fat while Aedaris stabs her
*discover secret tunnels in wine cellar
*piersson revealed as mutant conducting a blasphemous ceremony using the painting. Many of the household staff are also cultists.
*Aedaris attacks while johann runs for help
*Aedaris kills many but is unable to stop Rudiger being sacrificed.
*Aedaris slays the gardener, who killed the priestess, but is overpowered by the guardsman. He is left dying amongst the corpses of the cultists.
*johann runs blindly through the house looking for the others. He bumps into the coachman with the blunderbuss. The might firearm tears johanns fragile body to shreds, knocking over a candelabra in the process. The lodge quickly catches fire.
*berg awakens in pain and goes in search of alcohol. He steps over the broken body of Johan and is oblivious to the fire as he heads for the kitchens. Meets Aedaris staggering out of the cellar.
*the pair overpower the coachman and pursue the remaining cultists through the burning building.
*Nak and the guards slay many beastmen but several break into the compound. Gands hounds kill some but several reach the burning lodge.
*the beastmen attack the cultists in an attempt to get the painting.
*Piersson flees to the roof with Aedaris and berg in pursuit.
*Jakob and the serving girl he was with drag lord Aschaffenberg out of the burning building, and are nearly overpowered by a beastman in doing so.
*Nak and the guard captain, Anders Von Witt, fight Nishka, a huge, terrifying wargor
*berg falls from the collapsing roof
*Aedaris confronts Piersson on the rooftop. Piersson has almost completed the ritual to summon a daemon
*The guard captain is critically wounded by Nishka. Nak is heavily wounded, but with his last blow manages to fell the beast. He drags the unconcious guard towards the gate and the coach being hurriedly prepared by the remaining coachman.
*Piersson, realising he cannot evade Aedaris before the summoning ritual can be completed, proposes a deal to the elf. If Aedaris let’s Piersson live, he will finish summoning the daemon and send it to kill the man who sentenced Aedaris to death, Lord Heissman. The elf, who by now has learned that loose ends often come back to bite you in the end, rejects the offer by unceremonially stabbing the cult leader in the gut, twisting the knife cruelly as he does so.
*The sudden disruption of the summoning ritual causes a backlash of chaotic energy that shoots forth from the painting in destructive waves, instantly shattering the entire roof in a cataclysmic blast that sends crimson flames lancing into the night sky.
*Aedaris only just manages to leap clear of the explosion, throwing himself from the roof. He catches hold of the branches of a nearby tree and agilely flips himself safely to the ground. He spies Jakob and Nak loading people into the coach and leaps onto it as it begins to pull away.
*Olver Gand and his remaining hounds fight a desperate last stand against the remaining beastmen, buying enough time for the coach to break through and away from the foul herd.

Grunewald burns



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