Prophecy of Damnation

'Fire in the Blood' : The Journey to Ubersreik

4th - 8th Pflugzeit, Imperial Year 2521

*Leave Altdorf, bound for Ubersreik
*Rudiger Heiko drives the wagon in which all the men travel except Jakob, who has his own horse
*Nak and Bosse decide to desert and hold Jakob at knife point
*Jakob reveals that the food the men consumed before their release was laced with a potent, magically imbued, poison. Otto taught Jakob the trigger word that will cause their blood to burn with fire as they writhe to death in inscruciating pain. If Otto does not receive word from Jakob each month then he will active the poison. Only Otto can dispell the effect.
*Nak and Bosse begrudgingly rejoin the others.
*Aedaris appears amused at Nak and Bosse’ discomfort__
*Hostile atmosphere the rest of the way to Ubersreik
*Pass through Bogenhafen



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