Prophecy of Damnation

'A Painful Acquaintance' : Meeting in Ubersreik

9th Pflugzeit, Imperial Year 2521

*Arrive in Ubersreik
*Nak brawls with dwarves from other clan over accusation of his ‘dishonour’
*Meet with Vern Hendrick, the manservant of Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg at the Red Crescent Inn. Vern is visibly suffering from injuries resulting from a Beastman assault againt Grunewald Lodge
*Aedaris shakes Vern by his injured hand, causing him much pain
*Jakob reminds them they are here to do a job
*Vern puts the party in charge of Lord Aschaffenberg’s wagon under the guise of teamsters.
*Leave Ubersreik at dawn the next day



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