Prophecy of Damnation

'Too much room at the Inn' : The Reapers Bounty

Day 11


The party escape Grunewald Lodge in Lord Aschaffenberg’s coach and flee into the forest with the beastman herd in pursuit.
With the party are the surviving members of the household :
Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg (Nobleman): Badly Injured
Hans Kurtz (Coachman) : Smashed Knee
Captain Anders von Witt (Guard Captain) : Critically Wounded
Hanna Dralst (Servant) : Lightly Wounded
Manage to outrun their pursuers.
Join the main road at dawn.
Observe a great number of footprints, hoof prints and wagon tracks. Broken pots, pans and rubbish strewn along the roadside.
Aedaris finds a crumpled pamphlet.
Catch sight of fortified coaching Inn, the Reaper’s Bounty.
The Inn is entirely deserted.
The group take refuge. Jakob and Aedaris keep watch while Hanna tends to the wounded as best she can. Those inside have occasional feeling of being watched.
Later that evening, a coach approaches. It’s occupant is Father Johannes Seibolt, an Inquisitor of the Sigmarite church. With him are :
Nils Freiborg (Initiate)
Hans Volkman (Hammer Bearer)
Ernst Rotlich (Hammer Bearer)

Aedaris steals Father Johannes holy hammer.
Mutants sneak into compound via the old well, claiming they are only looking for food.
Father Johannes calls for their death and the Hammer Bearers attack. The mutants fight back. Aedaris holds Father Johannes at knife point to try an halt the fighting.
An elf appears on the roof and uses an arrow to pin Hans to the now open gate.
At that moment the beastman herd charge braying from the forest, straight at the struggling Hans.

The remaining mutants outside the gate panic and push their way into the courtyard to escape the beastmen.
Bosse, with a healthy use of his fists, forces his way past them to get to the still open gate. Hans is struggling to free himself from the arrows pinning him in place. Scores of beastmen charge towards him through the trees, in their midst is Korska. The hulking Wargor’s eyes and open wounds burn with fierce crimson light. His movement is jerky and stiff.
Bosse wrenches Hans free from the door, breaking the hammer bearer’s arm in the process. The mercenary hauls the stricken man through the gate just as the ungor vanguard reach him. The foul beasts blows glance harmlessly from his lacquered armour. With a thunderous blow Bosse smashes the ungors aside. They mewl and shriek piteously as the great axe tears muscle, sinew and bone. His armour now drenched in gore and with his feet struggling to find purchase in the slick mud, Bosse hauls the gate closed. But before he can throw the bar across, more beastmen arrive and begin trying to force the gate open from outside.
Several beastmen scale the outer wall and charge at Aedaris. He kicks Father Johannes towards them, knocking one of the fell creatures off it’s feet as it collides with the rotund priest. The elf then hurls a knife at his remaining attackers with tremendous force. But his aim is blocked by the flailing Father Johann and it is he who screams out as he is struck a savage blow instead. The beastmen press their advantage, attacking the now unarmed Aedaris with visciously serrated swords. The elf receives many blood wounds as is forced back to the wall. But as the ungors move in for the kill against their helpless prey, Aedaris swiftly flicks a hidden blade from his sleeve, and with lightning speed rakes the knife across their throats and faces in a bloody whirl of death. The remaining beast, it’s attention on the floundering priest, is completely unaware of the advancing gore spattered elf until it is too late…
Bosse manages to force the beastmen back from the gate and bars it
*Hans, rushes to Father Johanne’s aid
*Aedaris retrieves his knife from the squealing priest’s back and slips into the inn before Hans arrives on the scene
*Jakob struggles to stop Nak and Klaus fighting with the mutants
*As Hans staggers up the steps to help Father Johann, a large goat headed Gor clambers onto the rampart and attacks him. They exchange fierce blows, the hammer bearer unable to use his broken arm. Calling upon Sigmar’s holy might, Hans smashes the Gor backwards with a mighty swing of his hammer. As the unbalanced Gor reels back against the rampart, Hans follows up with a kick to it’s chest, sending it shrieking over the wall to land in a crumpled, lifeless heap.
*Bosse asseses the situation, and seeing the wood elf firing at beastmen now scaling the west wall he takes to the battlements. He spares a glance into the dark woods to the south as he climbs onto the wall. The huge hideous form of Nishka, his eyes burning with baleful aethyric energy, smashes at the gate with his saw toothed greatsword. Oddly he bellows is broken reikspiel, “Fools, left me to die. Should have killed when had chance. Will have vengeance!”
Beyond the stinking mass of bestial bodies, further into the dark wood is a humanoid figure whose hand movements, which are strangely in time with nishka’s own motions, trace daemonic red energies in the air.
*Bosse shouts to the elf to shoot at the malevolent magister, and with the archers efforts now directed to the south, several Gors scale the wall and charge towards Bosse
*Hans peers over wall. A second grappling hook is thrown over, pinning the hammer bearer to the rampart by his broken arm. Hans is wracked with pain as a beastman begins climbing the rope, grinding the bones in his damaged limb.
*Aedaris reappears in the doorway, clearly amused by Hans’ predicament. He produces a knife, gestures towards the attached rope and asks ‘Whats it worth?’
*Despite being in agony, Hans spits at he elf “to the hells with you heathen”
*Aedaris glares at the man, then with a grin, tosses the knife just out of the hammer bearer’s reach
*The Gors howl with bestial rage as they charge along the battlement towards Bosse. The mercenary hefts his greataxe in the air, and with a deafening roar rushes to meet the oncoming foe. The beastmen, cowed by the onrushing berserk fury that is the gore spattered Bosse, falter in their advance and begin a hasty retreat back to their ropeladder.
*Bosse tears into the beastmen, taking advantage of their fear. He fells one with a mighty blow before it can even raise it’s maul in defense. The remaining beasts lash out wildly, their wicked blades piercing the mercenary’s patchwork armour. But Bosse is unflinchly and hacks his next opponent off at the knees. The remaining beastman is poised to strike when, with a loud bang, Jakob shoots it dead.
*Hans cries out in pain as he pulls against his broken arm in a desperate attempt to reach the knife but to no avail
*Nils hesitantly moves from doorway and retrieves knife for Hans.
*Hans hastily cuts rope, but before he can finish a beastman crests the rampart behind Nils
*Hans shouts a warning but the boy is frozen with fear
*As the stinking beast strikes, Feoder, the leader of the mutants, throws himself between the beast and the boy and is struck the fatal blow instead
*Hans, his arm now freed, pushes the beastman off the wall
*The hammer bearer stares down at the dying mutant, intrigued for a moment by the heretics act of selfless courage
*He makes the sign of the hammer over Feodor, and then brings his hammer crashing down upon his skull. Nils looks up at him, clearly shocked by Hans treatment of his saviour. “It is better to die for Sigmar, than to live without Faith, boy” the hammer bearer says gravely. “Now go tend to the Father, heresy grows from idleness!”
*Jakob, Bosse and Nak lead the mutants in defending the walls
*The fighting is fierce and bloody
*Scores of beastmen are slain, and many of the mutants killed. All are exhausted and suffering wounds, stress and fatigue
*The beastmen throw burning torches into the compound, setting fire to the stable.
*Albrecht, a mutant covered in gibbering mouths, spews bile and pus from his many stinking orifices to quench the flames
*Nishka, the hulking animated Wargor smashes at the gate. Bosse snaps Lena out of her grief at the deaths of Feodor and Piers with a harsh verbal reality check and gets her to help him reinforce the gate with one of the coaches and some of the corpses.
*Nak howls with glee as he builds a collection of beastmen gizzards in his beard
*Aedaris stealthily hides something bulky under the seat in the remaining coach before picking through the bodies of the dead for loot
*Dawn brings a reprieve in the siege and the beastmen withdraw deeper into the forest, but not without leaving a good dozen of their herd to keep watch on the inn
*Aedaris spies the wood elf now atop one of one of the towers. He approaches Lorinoc, who seems distrustful, and a guarded conversation is struck.
*Beastmen horns are heard in the distance as reinforcements join the herd
*Seeing the elves in the tower, Nak begins making disparaging remarks about them ‘spotting for pretty beastmen to rut with’, much to Bosse’ amusement
*Lena, now slumped against Bosse after fighting back to back with him, tells them to be quiet as the elves have obviously seen something important
*Aedaris and Lorinoc watch as several camouflaged wood elves rise wraith-like from the mist and silently slit the throats of the beastmen scouts. They signal to the inn that the way is clear
*Seizing their opportunity for escape, the besieged frantically load up the remaining coach
*Hans hastily tethers ropes to the outside of the coach to allow others to hang on the outside
*The injured are loaded into the coach
*Suddenly, Father Seibolt appears at the Inn doorway, shrieking with rage that his Holy Hammer has been stolen
*The beastmen hear his shouting and with a cacophony of bestial howling and snarling they charge back through the forest towards the inn
*Nak begins to drag the open the heavy gates, but Father Seibolt still refuses to get in the coach until the thief is found
*The bestial horde rushes forward
*Hans attempts to reason with the priest, but he will not listen. Bosse marches up to them, and punches the priest square in the face, rendering him unconcious. Bosse turns to Hans to gauge his reaction. The Hammer Bearer looks from the bleeding priest, to the open gate and the onrushing beastmen, then back to the mercenary. He glares at him for a moment, then grunts approval and shrugs, “To allow defeat is to blaspheme against Sigmar”. With the help of Nils they drag the bulky form of the stricken priest and load him unceremoniously into the coach
*Bosse dashes to help Nak open the other gate as the beastmen bear down upon them
*As soon as the gates are open wide enough, Kurtz lashes the horses and the coach rattles through the gateway
*Nak manages to grab one of the ropes lashed to the coach as it passes and hangs onto the side
*Bosse leaps for the coach, but loses his footing in the slick mud and becomes entangled in the trailing ends of a rope. As the coach picks up speed, the mercenary is pulled from his feet and dragged along behind
*The beastmen burst from the trees as the coach rattles past
*Bosse, being dragged along behind, is swung across the road, knocking the first beastmen from their feet as he tumbles past in a cloud of dirt and curses
*The crowded coach bumps along the heavily rutted road, dragging the mercenary with it, as the bestial horde howls in furious pursuit
*To be continued…



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