Bosse 'Berg' Veberg

Ill disciplined mercenary


Race : Human – Reiklander
Current Career : Mercenery
Current Rank :

Special Abilities
followed by fate

Fortune : 3


Conservative : 2
Reckless : 2


Characteristic Value Fortune Dice
Strength 4 0
Toughness 3 0
Agility 3 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 3 0
Fellowship 3 0

Basic Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl
Athletics ST 0
Ballistic Skill AG 0
Coordination AG 0
Intimidate ST 1
Resilience TO 0
Ride AG 0
Skulduggery AG 1
Stealth AG 0
Weapon Skill ST 1
Charm FEL 0
Discipline WP 0
First Aid INT 0
Folklore INT 0
Guile FEL 0
Intuition INT 0
Leadership FEL 0
Nature Lore INT 0
Observation INT 0

Advanced Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl


Skill Specialisation
WS great weapons


Focus Reputation Tactic Faith Order Trick
combat alertness


Current Condition :

Wound Threshold Current Wounds Stress Threshold Current Stress Fatigue Threshold Current Fatigue
12 5 0 0 0 1
Critical Wounds


Melee Actions
thunderous blow
Ranged Actions
Support Actions
fear me
improved parry
Blessing Actions
Spell Actions


Name Damage Critical Range Special Quality Enc
great axe 7 2 6
hand axe 5 3 3


Name Defence SOAK Special Quality Enc
scale armour 0 4 1 misfortune dice to enemy 7


Description Enc
worn traveling clothes x2
candles & tinderbox


Current Encumbrance :20
Unencumbered Limit :
Encumbered Limit :20


Gold Silver Brass
1 90


Total Experience :
Advances Spent :

General Career Advances

Type Taken Description
Action Card No
Talent No
Skill Training or Specialty No
Wound Threshold No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No

Career Completion Advances

Career Transition :
Dedication Bonus :

Non Career Advances

Advance Type :
Advance Type :


Bosse Veberg grew up in the Drakwald forest as the only son of a forester. His mother died in childbirth and his father was a strict and taciturn disciplinarian, blaming his son’s difficult birth for his wife’s death. Bosse was taught the harsh realities of life living in a small hut in the woods, constantly aware of the threat of beastmen attacks and having to live off the land. He grew up alone having to amuse himself when young and largely fend and provide for himself. As soon as he was old enough to swing an axe his father put him to work chopping logs and eventually taking him out to help in the woods. Despite the harshness of having to hunt for food and live off the land, Bosse grew to be a tall, strong lad with a voracious appetite.

At the age of 16, Bosse was drafted into the local militia primarily because of his size and immense strength. It was here that he was nicknamed ‘Berg’ – a natural shortening of his surname but also ‘mountain’, in reference to his size. He was a natural born killer and survivor on the battlefield and was soon drawn into the ranks of the Middenheim city army as a Warrior of Ulric, fighting primarily with a great axe but taught to handle many weapons. 

Although Berg enjoyed the fighting and the possibilities of plunder on the battlefield he struggled with the discipline. A naturally independent and solitary man, being told what to do – especially if those orders seemed idiotic – was not an easy thing to take. Consequently he has a network of scars covering his back where his commanding officer repeatedly had him flogged. Things finally came to a head when a young, impatient and inexperienced junior officer issued an order to charge from a defended position on top of a hill to attack an overwhelming number of beastmen that Berg finally snapped and punched the commanding officer in the throat, throwing him backwards against a wall and accidentally killing him. Berg knew this was a hanging offense so went AWOL and began working his way around the southern Empire, Estalia and Tilia selling his services as a mercenary. 

Berg is very tall and muscular with shoulder length shaggy brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He is generally unshaven, and although he has a big appetite (for food, mead and women) he is all muscle. He’s a scavenger on the battlefield, knowing that his best chances of survival lie in a good collection of equipment, always having something to sell and concealing his identity to avoid the authorities. He knows he’s a wanted man for killing an officer and going AWOL, on top of the long list of thefts. He has no issues with stripping the dead if they’ve got better equipment although at times that bites him in the ass as he’s trying to strip bodies while the fight is going on! He wears a mish mash of chainmail and leather armour with his face concealed by a full face chainmail mask. He fights primarily with a double handed axe, but also uses a smaller hand-axe and shield as well as throwing axes. He is not above petty theft in order to survive or to improve his equipment but he does have a twisted sense of honour and right or wrong.

Bosse 'Berg' Veberg

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