Hans Volkman

Hammer Bearer of Sigmar


Race : Human (Empire : Reikland)
Current Career : Initiate
Current Rank : 1

Special Abilities
Favoured by Fate

Fortune : 3


Conservative : 1
Reckless : 3


Characteristic Value Fortune Dice
Strength 3 0
Toughness 3 0
Agility 3 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 4 0
Fellowship 4 0

Basic Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl
Athletics ST 0
Ballistic Skill AG 0
Coordination AG 0
Intimidate ST 0
Resilience TO 0
Ride AG 0
Skulduggery AG 0
Stealth AG 0
Weapon Skill ST 0
Charm FEL 0
Discipline WP 0
First Aid INT 1
Folklore INT 0
Guile FEL 0
Intuition INT 0
Leadership FEL 0
Nature Lore INT 0
Observation INT 0

Advanced Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl
Invocation FEL 0
Piety WP 0


Skill Specialisation
First Aid Critical Wounds


Focus Reputation Tactic Faith Order Trick
Adaptable Sigmar, God of the Empire


Current Condition :

Wound Threshold Current Wounds Stress Threshold Current Stress Fatigue Threshold Current Fatigue
10 0 8 0 6 0
Critical Wounds


Melee Actions
Melee Strike
Ranged Actions
Support Actions
Guarded Position
Assess Situation
Curry Favour
Blessing Actions
Minor Ward
Blessing of Health
Healing Hand
Minor Blessing
Gritted Teeth
Sigmars Hammer
Spell Actions


Name Damage Critical Range Special Quality Enc
Hammer 5 3 - Ordinary 3


Name Defence SOAK Special Quality Enc
Breastplate & Leather 0 4 Ordinary 5
Enchanted Shield 1 1 Block gives +1 Soak 4


Description Enc


Current Encumbrance :
Unencumbered Limit : 14
Encumbered Limit : 18


Gold Silver Brass
0 0 40


Total Experience : 1
Advances Spent : 0

General Career Advances

Type Taken Description
Action Card No
Talent No
Skill Training or Specialty No
Wound Threshold No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No

Career Completion Advances

Career Transition :
Dedication Bonus :

Non Career Advances

Advance Type :
Advance Type :


Hans was born as the youngest son of two. His parents were killed by mutants when Hans was very young and his Aunt ( a Shallyian priestess) raised him and his brother (Simon). Hans was always the well behaved and would often run errands for his Aunt. Simon however would hang out with a bad sort of people and run with gangs.

Hans was out one day on an errand when he witnessed a group of thugs attack a Sigmarite priest. Hans stepped in and fought off the Thugs and in return the priest awarded him a shield for his valor and an invitation to join the priesthood.

Hans Volkman

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