Berg's Lamellar Armour

superior scale armour


Effects: 1 misfortune dice added to an enemy’s dice pool attacking Berg while he wears his armour.


Berg wears a distinctive and unusual form of scale armour called Lamellar. It consists of small plates which are laced together in parallel rows. It has been crafted, repaired and modified countless times from parts scavenged from battlefields far and wide to create a more deflective surface to the armour, thus allowing blades to skim over, rather than strike and pierce. Long steel plates are also worn on the forearms and shins for additional protection. Berg wears this over a long mail hauberk to provide maximum protection although the resulting combination is tailored to fit Berg to give the best combination of protection and manouverability but is very heavy to wear even for a man of his stature.

Berg's Lamellar Armour

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