Korden's Hammer

A finely crafted dwarven hammer

weapon (melee)

Damage Rating : 5
Critical Rating : 3
Group : Ordinary
Qualities : None
Encumbrance : 4

Korden’s Hammer is of superior craftsmanship; its wielder adds a fortune dice to the dice pool of all attacks made while wielding it.

Against Daemons, Korden’s Hammer inflicts +2 damage for each fortune point spent to enhance the attack’s dice pool.


This fine dwarf-made hammer has a steel head inscribed with runes. It belonged to Korden Kurgansson, the late smith of Grunewald Lodge, before he was driven insane by a combination of the drugs administered to him by Dr Sieger (a senior cultist in the Eldritch Order of the Unblinking Eye) and being forced to stare at the daemonic painting during his interrogations by the cultists.

Before he became completely mad, Korden confided in Sister Sonja and asked her to hide his family’s ancestral hammer where even he couldn’t find it, to keep it from “them”. She in turn entrusted Nak with the location of where she had hidden the hammer; within the shrine to Sigmar.

Nak retrieved the hammer during the beastman assault on Grunewald lodge and has wielded it ever since.

Failure to return the hammer to its rightful owners will surely merit an entry in the Book of Grudges.

Korden's Hammer

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