Nak's 'Bomb Proof' Gromril Armour

A heavily modified suit of Gromril Armour


Defence Rating : 2
Soak Value : 5
Encumbrance : 7

When worn by anyone but an Ironbreaker, this Gromril Armour’s encumbrance is doubled and it offers no other benefit.

Once per session, when you would suffer a critical wound you may instead suffer fatigue equal to that wound’s severity rating to convert the critical wound into a normal wound.


Variously called silverstone, meteoric iron, or hammernaught, gromril is a rare metal much valued by dwarfs. Suits of gromril plate are prized possessions, reserved for the finest warriors of a karak.

Nak modified this armour during his time at the Gunnery School in Nuln to protect himself when working with large volumes of black powder.

Nak's 'Bomb Proof' Gromril Armour

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