An Empire In Need!

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The great Twin-Tailed Comet, a portent tied to both Sigmar and the Empire, has been seen in the sky. To some, it is a sign of hope. To others, the harbinger of doom. Tensions rise, as the effects of a ruthless winter and poor harvests are felt across the Empire – villages and farms find it harder than ever to scrape by, and supplies for the Empire’s constant war efforts dwindle ever lower.

To many citizens, this can mean only one thing. The End Times are at hand. Fear is rife. Another Great War is coming. Beastmen are growing restless, attacking villages with greater frequency and ferocity. The Chaos cults are rising up, summoning daemons, fomenting rebellion, and instigating insurrection throughout the Empire’s cities. Bands of Chaos marauders scout further and further south than usual – some even penetrating as far as the Reikland to test the Empire’s defences for the coming conflict.

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During these times of uncertainty, more fears rise as rumours reach the Reikland from Kislev. Rumours of a champion of Chaos called Surtha Lenk and his great Chaos host waging war against the armies of Kislev. Information seems suspect and unreliable. Some of the news reaching Reiklanders speculates that Wolfenburg was sacked. Conflicting rumours insist Surtha Lenk’s army was defeated, while others hint that the forces of Chaos were but the vanguard of a massive army poised to overrun Kislev and invade the Empire.

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In response to these ominous portents, and sensing the fate of the realm is at stake, Emperor Karl Franz works tirelessly to protect the Empire. He sends envoys to the Phoenix King in Ulthuan, asking the high elves for aid in the coming conflict. Calling on ancient oaths and alliances, Karl Franz beseeches the High King of the dwarfs to rally to the Empire’s cause.

Deep in the forests of Athel Loren, Ariel, the queen in the woods, has sensed the impending invasion as well. She sends parties of wood elves through Axe Bite Pass and into the Reikland to protect the ancient cairns secreted deep in the Reikwald Forest, and provide what aid they can against the forces of Chaos.

In the midst of this bleak, brewing turmoil, the Empire needs valiant men to stand as beacons of hope against the coming darkness. But fate can be fickle, and call upon the most dubious and unlikely of souls, binding them with the tangled threads of destiny and fortune.
And so it is that a desperate group of cut-throats and villains are called upon to face the formidable threats of the Old World , and deliver the Empire from utter ruination.

Can these doubtful few fulfil their unlikely destinies as Fate’s champions in this, the Empire’s time of greatest need?

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Prophecy of Damnation

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