Aedaris 'Reaverheart'

Disgraced High Elf


Race : High Elf
Current Career : Thief
Current Rank : 1

Special Abilities
Ishas Chosen
Night Vision

Fortune : 3


Conservative : 2
Reckless : 3


Characteristic Value Fortune Dice
Strength 3 0
Toughness 3 0
Agility 5 1
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 3 0
Fellowship 3 1

Basic Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl
Athletics ST 0
Ballistic Skill AG 0
Coordination AG 1
Intimidate ST 0
Resilience TO 0
Ride AG 0
Skulduggery AG 1
Stealth AG 1
Weapon Skill ST 0
Charm FEL 0
Discipline WP 1
First Aid INT 0
Folklore INT 0
Guile FEL 1
Intuition INT 0
Leadership FEL 0
Nature Lore INT 0
Observation INT 0

Advanced Skills

Skill Char Trained Lvl
Education INT 0


Skill Specialisation
Skullduggery Pickpocket


Focus Reputation Tactic Faith Order Trick
Unshakable Shady
Shadow Stalker Better Lucky than Good


Current Condition : Healthy

Wound Threshold Current Wounds Stress Threshold Current Stress Fatigue Threshold Current Fatigue
11 11 3 0 3 0
Critical Wounds


Melee Actions
Melee Strike
Nimble Strike
Ranged Actions
Ranged Shot
Sudden Knife
Powerful Throw
Support Actions
Improved Dodge
Assess the Situation
Perform a Stunt
Guarded Position
Blessing Actions
Spell Actions


Name Damage Critical Range Special Quality Enc
Dagger 4 3 NA Fast 2
Throwing Knife 4 4 Close Thrown 1
Sabre 5 3 NA Special 3
Sword 5 3 NA None 3


Name Defence SOAK Special Quality Enc
Tattered Clothing 0 1 None 1


Description Enc
Clay Pipe 0
Bejewelled Hammer 5


Current Encumbrance : 15
Unencumbered Limit : 15
Encumbered Limit : 18


Gold Silver Brass
3 28 54


Total Experience : 6
Advances Spent : 6

General Career Advances

Type Taken Description
Action Card Yes Powerful Throw
Talent Yes Better Lucky Than Good
Skill Training or Specialty No
Wound Threshold No
Open Career Advance Yes Co-Ordination(AG)
Open Career Advance Yes Fortune Dice(AG)
Open Career Advance Yes Conservative Stance
Open Career Advance Yes Fortune Dice(FEL)
Open Career Advance No
Open Career Advance No

Career Completion Advances

Career Transition :
Dedication Bonus :

Non Career Advances

Advance Type :
Advance Type :


Aedaris is a son of Ulthuans dark, brooding Nagarythe Kingdom. That, however is all he remembers of his time on the home of his race. He has a natural stealth and co-ordination that is in human terms un-natural, a quickness of thought that makes him a very dangerous being.
Aedaris is a name he assumed on the streets of Altdorf where he spent years living from stolen meal to stolen meal, picking pockets to pay for lodgings, stealing clothes from washing lines to keep warm.
After a time he got bored with dodging the guard to survive – if crime was worth running for he figured he may as well make it a profitable crime. He moved into burglary, mugging, ‘roughing up’, protection racketeering and eventually into the odd hit, specialising in close range knife kills.
He does however have a real problem with gambling, and no matter how much he earned he lost more and ended up worse of than when he woke up in the banks of the citys stinking, oozing sewers..

That bleak day he washed up naked in the slime, ooze and excrement bereft of clothing, equipment or papers, in fact, all he had as any clue to his previous life was a beautifully crafted, bejeweled elven dagger protruding from below his right shoulder blade…

to be continued…

Aedaris 'Reaverheart'

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