Albrecht Krug

Coachman of the von Bruner Family


Albrecht is an imposing man in his mid-30s with a magnificent ginger Imperial moustache and shaved head. He wears durable, leather clothes. Krug is a member of the Eldritch Eye and a mutant. A large patch of discoloured and hairy skin is spread on his back, which he regards as a special blessing, though he is careful to hide the mutation from others. Krug is committed to the Chaos cult and is one of its more dangerous and resourceful members.

Krug hid his partner’s (Hans Kurtz) blunderbuss in the hayloft, knowing that he finds it hard to climb ladders in his condition. He used the stolen weapon to kill Johannes Kepler during the Summoning at Grunewald Lodge.


Albrecht Krug

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